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25 July 2020 @ 10:52 pm

Hello and welcome. Most entries of this journal are friend-locked.

I'm not adding any new friends, unless we know each other very well/met at a gig or smething.

If you're here for graphics, click on the link below. There's no graphics here.

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10 March 2012 @ 10:52 pm

Nearly five yeard ago, after their live in Berlin, I promised myself one thing:


If I still listen to their music after 5 years, I will write this entry on their 10th Anniversary. Here goes:


I still remember when I first heard them. Wakaremichi, which I randomly downloaded with e-mule (idek why I used it lol). I didn't even have Japanese installed on my computer back then! It was in mid-2003, May or June, since the schoolyear was nearing it's end. I wasn't going all wow about that song back then. I didn't know the title or the artist, I just knew I liked it and wouldn't oppose to hear more of that squeaky voice :> My brother's friend, who was a huge Japan freak back then, helped me out. He found out who they were, downloaded the rest of their songs and found some pics (which terrified me xD). They have already released Cockayne Soup by then. I still know all four songs by heart - Beautiful 5 [Shit]ers, 32 Koukei no Kenjuu, Shiawase na Hibi, Haru ni Chirikeri, Mi wa Kareru de Gozaimasu - and they are still in my favourite bunch. You can say I could easily copy those titles off the internet, but I haven't. I just remember them, because I've been listening to them all the time. Then, there was Akuyuukai with the badass Wife and beautiful Ito. I was only 15 back then. Next month Super Margarita (or Spermargarita) was released and then. Then I was sure I will love this band for years. Linda: Candydive Pinky Heaven, Black Spangle Gang, Wakaremichi, Best Friends - all amazing songs. I loved them all and still do (even though Ruki seems to be unable to sing Best Friends like he used to. see RCE behind the scenes). Linda stillmakes my heart pound <3
I didn't appreciate Hankou Seimeibun as much as I should have (sorry, Gazette T.T), but I do now. Especially Dis (it impressed me on RCE) and The Murder's TV (rainbow lights on MRD lol!).
In 2004 they released Madara and, Daaamn, was it good. Ruder made me crazy about them. When I saw the PVs for the first time, I couldn't stop watching them. Even my brother finally got interested. I remember he was really interested in the drum lines of Anata no Tame no Kono Inochi. He still says they're weird :D It was 2004 and I was finishing middle school, going to high school, which scared me a lot, but I just thought "to hell with that!" and started high school blasting Ruder and the whole Disorder at full volume from my earphones. I still estimate time to go from one place to another with songs xD. It took 2 songs to get to my school or 3 if I waited for my classmates in front of the church.
Gazette's music really helped me in high school. People really hated me, because I was the only metalhead there. I wore band t-thirts, heavy boots, I had thigh-long hair and I wasn't afraid to be who I was then. I was prejudged by students, teachers, everyone. And it got even worse when some people found out who Gazette were and how they looked. Right now I just laugh when I remember what I've been going through, but back then it made me feel really bad. But I managed thanks to them.
Gama and Nil made me strong. Made me love my life and myself. I cut my hair short and dyed it black. It was all in 2006, when the jrock fandom in Poland was still tiny and only small bands visited this country (like GramMaria, Hagakure, Gothika, Anti Feminism and Calmando Qual, which wasn't really that small, hah). I met so many people who accepted me the way I was. Next was their live in Budokan and I admit I didn't see it as a big event until I read some more about it. I felt happy for them. Despite so much prejudice they reached Budokan and made it tremble with their music and the ecstatic voices of their fans. I wanted to be a part of a show like that. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to their live in Bonn, because my parents forbid me from going abroad before I turned 18.


Next... What was next? Regret and Filth in the Beauty.The first one I loved for the last line: "Serenity is always in Dreams". Wonderful. And Filth in the Beauty is a rock masterpiece to me. Every time I hear it I want to bang my head as hard as they do in the PV.
In 2007 I passed my high school finals, turned 18 on September, bought STACKED RUBBISH (which was the very first CD by them I bought) and gone to Berlin, Germany for Pulse Wriggling to Black. I still remember how much I cried during Cassis, even though I hate that song. But it was during Cassis that I finally realized where I was. They were standing in front of me, performing, pouring their hearts into the music. For me. It was like reaching my own Budokan. After coming back from Germany I got sick, close to having a pneumonia. I had to stay in bed for almost a month before the cough stopped. That day was also when I bought Nil and their Decomposition Beauty DVD. I still have them <3 and the t-shirt from that tour is still hanging in my closet.
Ah, I remember how much ruckus was caused by Stacked Rubbish. Some people loved it, some wanted to burn it lol. I really love it now, but it had to grow on me.


It was still 2007 when I joined HERESY, but my membership card reached me in 2008 with Guren singles. It made me so excited! I was really surprised, too! 15998 is my H-number :D


Remember the secret live in Shinjuku? Ohh god, it made me so excited for them! Over seven thousand people showed up andthey had to be dragged off the stage! I was so proud back then!


Was it on their 7th birthday live that Ruki showed up with those cyber punk-ish plastic tubes on his head? lol


And then DIM. I love every single song on that album. Even the cover is amazing. I still enjou watching THE OTHER SIDE OF DIM and the guys screaming yeahyeahyeahhh!!! for OGRE always make me laugh.


The concert at Tokyo Dome came up faster than I thought it would. And I cried on that day. I was so happy, because somewhere along the way, that dream also became mine. I couldn't be happier on that day, because even if I was home then, knowing that I was still a part of that dream made me happy like nothing else.


SUMMER SONIC! Ah, I admit it made me nervous. Such a big event with soo many different artists. I was afraid they would be boo'd at or something... But in the end, it was all good and I was proud again :D


TOXIC reminds me of my last job. I've been always listening to it on my way to and from work. It has definitely my favourite cover so far. I can't name my favourite song. They are all so good.


And now I'm here. For the past nearly 9 years they've made me cry, laugh. They made me proud, made me who I am today, even if I'm not the best person, I feel proud like never before. They taught me that dreams come true with hard work and that there is no boundaries to Music. That no matter what language you speak, no matter who you are, Music can join all hearts and make it one. They gave me courage and happiness. I grew up with them, shared their dream and hope to share another one with them in the future. After so many years I know one thing:


Their Music will forever remain in a very special place in my heart. And I will never be able to thank them enough.

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28 August 2011 @ 07:48 pm

Hi? I'm alive :3

I'm not back, just wanted to say I'm still here, alive. I just started working a week ago. It's not a stable job, since I only work during weekends, but it at least earns me some money. I work at an exclusive flower shop, which is more like an atelier, in the middle of Warsaw's Old Town. It's called Wonna Piwna 35 and you can find in on Facebook :3.

I'll also go there during the week to learn. I've already gone through training, but working and developing your own style and practicing is two completely different things. So wish me luck ^.^

There's not much going on atm, besides me dying from heat, which has finally gone down some degrees (obviously we had the highest temperatures when I was working lol).

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